In partnership with Amorim Cork Composites, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial cork products, Whitby and Chandler Limited has established itself as a major supplier of gaskets, seals and rubber mouldings.

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Amorim Official Distributor

In 2007, this was formalised when WCL was appointed Amorim's Official T & D Distributor for Europe and South America. This partnership has gone from strength to strength and has seen WCL export product worldwide. The core range of Transmission and Distribution corkrubber materials comprises of:

  • TD1120 The market leader for transformer oils including Midel 7131, Rhodosil, Diala D, etc.
    Tested by M&I Materials, manufacturer of MIDEL 7131, and confirmed to be compatible
  • TD1049 For most transformer oils at application temperatures
  • TD7000 Silicone corkrubber for extreme temperatures
  • TD7110 Developed specifically for vapour phase drying processes
  • TD3510 EPDM corkrubber for SF6 gas
  • TD1310 Newly-developed "arctic grade" with a special nitrile binder for low -temperature use

Full One-Stop Service for Cut and Moulded items

Whitby & Chandler Ltd complements these materials with its gasket cutting and rubber moulding facilities thereby being able to offer a full one-stop service for cut and moulded items. Additionally, anti-vibration materials are commonly used in T&D and Whitby & Chandler has much to offer with its ISO-TRANSFO and VC6400 for external use, and CDM63 and VC2100 for internal, oil-contact applications.

Technical Back Up

Our relationship with Amorim and the ongoing Technical guidance they offer means that service and technical backup is readily available - this provides full design and specification support.


T&D Material datasheets are available to download.

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Our gasket and rubber moulding production facilities are equipped to meet all requirements from moulding, cutting and slitting, to bespoke packaging, kit and prototype production.

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