Rubber Mouldings

As one of the few companies within the industry to have both gasket cutting and rubber moulding operations on site we are extremely proud of the services we can offer.

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Having a modern gasket cutting department we are able to cater for batches from prototype and same day service through to high volume production. We have a range CNC travelling head machine, semi automatic presses and CAD/ CAM flat bed cutting systems.

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Transmission & Distribution

In partnership with Amorim Cork Composites, the world's leading manufacturer of industrial cork products, Whitby and Chandler Limited has established itself as a major supplier of gaskets, seals and rubber mouldings.

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Whitby and Chandler have gasket cutting and rubber moulding facilities on one site in
Penistone, Sheffield.

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Why Choose WCL?

With a trading history dating back over 100 years, we offer a vast product choice, both bespoke and off-the-shelf. With attention to customer service second to none, here are some reasons to choose WCL:

  • 100 years with an excellent business reputation
  • Quality own-brand materials
  • Products available ex-stock
  • Same-day shipping

Our Accreditations

Throughout 100 years of manufacturing, WCL has enjoyed a reputation for attention to quality and detail. Adherence to renowned international standards: BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and the environmental standard ISO 14001:2015 demonstrates how we lead the sealing industry through our commitment to confronting the issues that concern us all. We also subscribe to the objectives of the REACH legislation, as it aims to maximise transparency of information and to minimise the use of harmful substances.

Customer Service

Our policy of continual improvement in the team and capital investment ensures that Whitby & Chandler Ltd remains a supplier at the forefront of modern production technology, with an excellent and first class customer focus. Our key service points include:

  • Wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Focus on customer lifetime value
  • In house key performance targets
  • Internal quality seminars
  • Effective on time deliveries